Year-Round Outdoor Living Spaces

With the exception of grilling an occasional burger or a place to send the kids or grandkids to play when it’s not raining or not too hot or not too buggy, conventional decks often lose their charm in a single season. By the end of season five and given all the maintenance, you wish you never wasted the money.

However, Year-Round Outdoor Living Spaces from TMC Construction Services opens the door to truly exciting and inspiring livable and functional spaces.

Think about…

Outdoor Fireplaces | Fire Pits | Hot Tubs

Outdoor Dining Spaces | Outdoor Kitchen and Cooking Spaces

Entertainment including TV and concerts on demand from your audio entertainment system

A place to unwind privately… or a place to entertain that becomes the envy and favorite gathering spot of friends and neighbors

The sky is truly the limit unless, of course, you want to add a roof to your year-round living space and privacy curtains to keep the chill away.

The best part of year-round outdoor living spaces is you’re no longer are you a believer that the last day of summer marks the final days for enjoying outdoor barbecues, parties, and casual get-togethers. Merely by adding a few design elements to your outdoor space, our good times can extend through the fall months and even into winter.

By adding heating and lighting, you create an outdoor living room with all the comforts you enjoy indoors: real furniture or custom-built seating areas, pillows, throws, and blankets to share with friends while you gaze at the stars, enjoy a hot beverage, or brew a pot of coffee and appreciate not only the taste, but also the aromas.

As with every TMC remodeling project, we start by visiting with you and discussing your wants and needs and ideas. We educate with photos and material samples, and outline options for to maximizing your enjoyment of your year-round outdoor living space.

Our final quotation to you includes the architectural drawings, permits, insurance, and more — everything except the steaks and a bottle of bubbly.

To learn more about TMC’s approach to custom-designed year-round outdoor living spaces, contact us today. You’ll find the process as enjoyable as the outcome.

P.S. On second thought, we’ll bring the bottle of champagne so you can celebrate your very first day of year-round outdoor living enjoyment for years to come (while it increases your home’s value).

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