With 20-plus years of experience in the home remodeling and building products industries and a loyal following of happy clients in Loveland, Montgomery, Indian Hill, and surrounding areas who'd never consider hiring anyone else, Brian Martin and The Martin Corporation deliver the most professional work and the most exceptional home remodeling experience you can find anywhere.  Martin says, "If we perform outstanding craftsmanship in building a new bathroom or kitchen but are dirty, routinely show up late, smoke in your home, and do not finish on-time our clients will not recommend us or hire us again.  We have to perform well in all aspects of a project from how we carry ourselves to the actual workmanship.  Having our own employees is the only way to accomplish this."

Keenly aware that most homeowners are extremely budget conscious when it comes to remodeling projects, Brian Martin, Founder & CEO, says, "Homeowners often see nothing but dollar signs and lots of them even before they actually contact a remodeling company.”

He says, "Not to worry, because when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms and other major remodeling projects, it’s not always necessary to rip-out-and-replace everything. Sometimes simply updating countertops or flooring or cabinet doors, or converting a tub to a walk-in shower is all it takes to welcome your home into the 21st Century. And it does so a whole lot more affordably."

At TMC Construction Services, we believe homeowners should have options –– choices. The decision to renovate a bathroom or kitchen should come with many choices and should not be limited to what is on the shelf at the "big box" stores.

TMC Construction Services is fortunate to have Kim Hicks, a design consultant, as an active part of the home remodeling and planning team. Prior to starting the selection process, Brian and Kim visit the home for the purpose of considering all options. The proposals you receive allow you to see exactly what you’ll be getting based on your budget and how much you decide to invest.

If updating your kitchen or bathroom –– or any other minor or major remodeling projects have been on your wish list for years but you’ve hesitated because of what you thought you might have to spend – call Brian Martin today 513-781-3000.

He’ll show you how you can achieve a great new look without unnecessary overspending in a major overhaul.