Bill of Rights

At TMC Construction Services, we believe that our customers come first. We’re in business to serve them and the only way we stay in business is to provide the best quality, best value, and overall best experience in the home remodeling industry.

To that end, we adhere to following Client’s Bill of Rights.

You are entitled to:

1. Receive maximum value for the money you invest.

2. Receive a fixed price for work to be performed and know the price won’t change unless you change the specifications.

3. Have minimal disruption to your home during construction including work areas clean and clear of tools at the end of each workday.

4. Have workers in your home who respect your property and privacy and who are fully licensed and bonded.

5. Have work completed in the least amount of time possible without sacrificing quality of the work.

6. Be able to reach us any time day or night with questions or concerns.

7. Tell us when the work is completed to your satisfaction rather than us telling you.

8. Have work done properly and thoroughly the first time thereby eliminating the need for punch lists or multiple follow-ups.

9. Have an overall exceptional experience from start to project completion.

10. Be extremely happy and know you made the right decision in hiring us!